Are you afraid that your job may disappear in the next couple of years with the explosion of Big Data and AI?

Are you using Excel regularly in your work but feeling frustrated spending long hours making those reports for your boss?

Then this message is for you.

Hi, I'm Chris Chua

the headmaster of DefeatExcel

The Shocking Truth

When I first joined the workforce, I find that the truth to be shocking

Employers heard of the prowess of Microsoft Excel, and assume that we know just about everything Excel. They forgot that Excel never found its way into our 10+ years of formal education, and most of us picked up Excel on our own.

Almost every job demands for Excel know-how, but few spend time to learn how to use this program better. Excel becomes the fearful monster that eats up our time at work. 

We either waste a lot of time trying to (1) do repetitive things manually, or  (2) Google for “how to do X in Excel”. Late nights were common especially when bosses want us to make changes to our spreadsheets.

A Data-driven World

Early this year, strategic advisory firm NewVantage Partners conducted a survey on Fortune 1000 organizations. The research suggests that 91.6% of Fortune 1000 companies are increasing Big Data and AI-related investments, with 91.7% of respondents saying that investment is required to stay both agile and competitive.

To cope with the trend of increasing data, there is a strong NEED to be equipped with basic data science skills. It is NO LONGER a luxury to choose if you want to pick up such skills. Similar to Fortune 1000 companies, either we invest in ourselves to stay competitive or we face extinction.

The First Step

And Microsoft Excel is the first step of this transformation.

Excel is widely used in most organizations and offers a great range of tools and features to cope with simple to intermediate data analysis needs. Repetitive tasks such as reporting can be automated. Report templates can be created just once, and then you can simply re-use them over and over again — saving time as well as reducing errors.

Introducing DataCraft

DataCraft is the premium data analysis online course created specifically for working professionals. You will learn important data science mindset and skills to perform data analysis quickly, so that you can make sense of the data you have.


  • Say goodbye to late nights working in Excel

  • Create Excel templates that update whenever new data is available

  • Well-equipped to survive in the new data-driven world

  • Gain a competitive edge in data analytics against your peers

  • Earn promotions, pay rise and honor as an Excel hero in your company

Course Modules

This course is made up of 4 main modules:


Retrain your mind to think in terms of data, and learn how to apply my S.C.R.A.P. methodology to approach any data analysis. This module is crucial as a foundation for the rest of the modules.


Learn how to work with text, numbers and date/time, as well as understanding what goes on behind the scenes.


Know how to best store your data within your spreadsheets, and the benefits that this method brings.


Perform data analytics using the most commonly used Excel functions to create Excel templates that update whenever new data is available. Plus my custom formula to help you search for information with ease.

Bonuses Included

  • #1: Capstone project

    $200 value

    Retain what you've learnt by deliberate practice. Participate in this specially created capstone project to go through the entire date science pipeline from end-to-end to cement your understanding of the concepts.

  • #2: Access to private group with other students

    $300 value

    Find encouragement, help and new friends on this learning journey. And you can share any questions or resources in this private group.

  • #3: Direct access to myself

    $500 value

    If you have any questions related to this course, feel free to email me. I will answer all your email questions.


  • Chris Chua

    Chris Chua

    Excel Archmage

    I'm Chris Chua, headmaster of DefeatExcel. I've walked on the same Excel path you're at now, and thus I understand your frustration. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied Maths and a minor in Statistics, as well as a M.B.A. (but well, who cares right?) I am also working in the analytics profession for the past nine years. So let me help you master Microsoft Excel to jumpstart your career.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you will be competent in using Excel for data analysis after completing this course. 

If you are unhappy with this course for whatever reason, I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Buy now and see the change in you!

But if you intend to go through this course like Netflix, and is too lazy to participate in the coursework. I strongly recommend that you don't buy this course.


Lifetime Access to DataCraft course materials


  • How much Microsoft Excel do I need to know?

    If you know how to jump around different worksheet tabs, navigate around the cells, and entering values into cells, you're fully qualified for this course.

  • Should I be using Windows or Mac?

    You can complete the course with either Excel for Windows or Excel for Mac.

  • Which version of Excel do I need?

    The course is created using Excel 2019. I recommend that you use the following versions: Excel for Windows: 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. Excel for Mac: 2011, 2016, 2019.

  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    Don't worry, this course is entirely self-paced. You get to decide when you want to start and finish. I recommend that you go slow and understand the concepts in the prior modules first.

  • How long can I access the course materials?

    After enrolling, you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

  • Can I access the course materials on my iPad or smartphone?

    Yes, this course is specially designed to be accessed on any tablet or smartphone. You can go through the course on your smaller screen, while working through the course materials in Excel on your PC/laptop.


If you are just scrolling through the entire page, here's the summary:

You are wasting a lot of time in and with Excel daily. And your future is bleak if you are not comfortable working with data. To survive and gain a competitive advantage among your peers, you'll need knowledge of data analysis. Let me help you to master Excel to jumpstart your career. Would you take this course and change your life, or you'll rather leave it to chance?